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International Marketing & Communications

The module gives you the required knowledge, skills and understanding at management level to take a strategic approach to marketing planning. By understanding key marketing metrics and measurement techniques you will be able to interpret relevant insight and take informed strategic decisions.

There are four modules: two mandatory and two electives. To gain the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing, a pass in both mandatory modules plus one elective module is required. However, each module can be taken as a stand-alone to gain a module award.

Mandatory: Strategic Marketing

Marketers are presented with many complex choices in the context of a future that is inherently uncertain. This module will enable you to take a strategic approach to planning that achieves a sustainable competitive advantage.

Module structure:
Unit 1: Situation analysis (30%)
Unit 2: Planning (40%)
Unit 3: Implementation and control (30%)

Date: March 2017

Tutor: Jon Twomey

Mandatory: Mastering Metrics

Marketers need to be able to selectively analyse data for insight and undertake effective decision making in relation to the utilisation of marketing resources. This module looks at the increasing volume and range of data, innovative methods of analysis and new measures of marketing effectiveness.

Module structure:
Unit 1: Metrics and analytics (25%)
Unit 2: Measuring effectiveness (35%)
Unit 3: Analytics for decision making (40%)

Date:  March 2017

Tutor: Jon Twomey

Elective: Driving Innovation

Fast-moving environments can present significant challenges and opportunities to the marketer and the organisation. This module will enable you to take a visionary approach and embed innovation through the lens of entrepreneurial marketing.

Module structure:
Unit 1: Entrepreneurial marketing (30%)
Unit 2: Innovation (30%)
Unit 3: The marketing champion (40%)

Date:  July 2017

Tutor: Jon Twomey

Elective: Digital Strategy

Digital marketing has evolved from a set of tactical actions into a significant element of strategy. This module provides insight and in-depth consideration into how organisations can implement digital marketing capabilities into strategic marketing planning.

Module structure:
Unit 1: Digital disruption (30%)
Unit 2: Digital planning (40%)
Unit 3: Delivering success (30%)

Date: July 2017

Tutor: Jon Twomey

Dates 2017 and Fees

March (16. until 18.) and July 2017 (06. until 08.)

6 days each from 8.15 a.m. - 17.15 p.m.
Schloss Rauenstein, Ueberlingen

995 €