Errata for: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, W. Ertel, 1. Edition:

16_9    Def. 2.3 "A mapping I : \Sigma --> {w,f }" --> "A mapping I : \Sigma --> {t,f }"
20^6    Therefore, 'KB and not Q' is also satisfiable. --> Therefore, 'KB and not Q' is also unsatisfiable.
93^4    Result = DepthFirstSearch-B(Node, Goal, 0, DepthFirstSearch)
        --> Result = DepthFirstSearch-B(Node, Goal, 0, DepthLimit)
117_2   are elementary --> are the elementary
148_2   The calculation of P(J,M|Bur) is incorrect. The correct calculation is in the 
        solution of exercise 7.11 d on page 292^4 - 192^11
208^8   First the $k$ cluster midpoints $\vec{\mu}_1,\ldots, \vec{\mu}_k$ are initialized 
        to the coordinates of $k$ randomly or manually selected data points. 
        (Note: Selection of arbitrary points (which are not data points) as cluster 
        centers may lead to empty clusters.)
208^14  initialize cluster centers $\vec{\mu}_1=\vec{x}_{i_1},\ldots,\vec{\mu}_k=\vec{x}_{i_k}$ 
        (e.g. randomly)


the statement
      76^12: Eaxmple --> Example
means: on page 76 row 12 from above (without header) the word "Eaxmple" has to be replaced by "Example". Analogously does S. 75_5 stand for row 5 from below on page 75 (including footnotes).

      XXX --> {} 
means that XXX has to be erased.