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Prof. Wolfgang Ertel
Wolfgang Ertel
Professor Dr. rer. nat.

Book: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - 2nd Edition

translated from the German original

2nd Edition: Springer, 2017, ISBN: 978-3-319-58486-7, Price: 42,07 Euro (ebook), 56,70 Euro (softcover), order at (amazon.de), (amazon.com), or (springer.com).

1st Edition: Springer, 2011, ISBN: 978-0-85729-298-8, Price: 32,99 Euro

In this introduction, all branches of AI will be presented compactly, easily understandable and application oriented. Not only is the author well versed in this subject, but he´s also committed to support it in teaching. From classical logic through reasoning with uncertainty and machine learning to applications like expert systems or adaptive robots.

You will benefit from the overview of this fascinating area of computer science. Furthermore, you will gain deeperinsight into the most important methods for knowledge representation and processing. The focus here lies especially on applicability, e.g. in areas like learning of decision trees, neural networks and Bayes networks, which are relevant for practical application. Data-Mining, as a young branch of Artificial Intelligence with interesting applications, will be covered as well.

Apart from basic programming skills and some mathematics, the presentation is self-contained. Many exercises including solutions as well as a structured list with references to literature and resources on the web allow an effective and entertaining self-study.

Additional lab material to the book: