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International Office
Akademisches Auslandsamt

Buddy Program

Within the Student Buddy program WIR – Weingarten International Relationships, German and experienced international students of Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten voluntarily support international students, in particular at the beginning of their stay at HRW.
The support comprises the following activities:
• Answering questions which future students might have before their arrival
• Picking up the newcomers at the train station in Ravensburg;
• Helping them find their way at university and in town;
• Assisting them in the organization of their everyday life (as a student);
• Accompanying latecomers to public authorities;
• Providing support with the registration for courses and/or exams and with the re-registration for the next semester.

If you would like to be a buddy, you must:
• be enrolled at HRW at least in your second semester;
• be able to communicate well in English;
• be available in Weingarten before the beginning of the lecture period;

For information of the Buddy program and for the application form, please see the download section on the right. 

Information and registration

For students:


For buddies:


Report and Certificate

In order to receive a certificate for successful participation in the program, buddies, together with their students, have to fill in and submit the report form in the International Office.