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Christian groups

The catholic student community (Katholische Hochschulgemeinde, KHG) and the protestant student community (Evangelische Studentengemeinde, ESG) have a common program (excursions, discussions, movies, prayer groups, services), a common webpage and a common building: Longinusstrasse 8, phone 0751 5 92 86.

The house is just behind the little pond you pass by when going from the residence to the basilica. It is open every day from 9:00 - 18:00, except on Fridays when it closes at 15.30. Everybody is welcome to have a cup of coffee or tea, read the newspaper and meet friendly people.

At the EKHG, you have the opportunity to play billiard or table football, watch TV or study, read the newspaper, surf the internet or simply have a cup of coffee or relax on one of the sofas in a quite atmosphere. In addition, the very committed team organizes weekly Fair Trade sales, meeting to play the guitar, talks etc.

There is also a group of Christian students called SMD who invite everyone interested to weekly meetings on Tuesday evenings (singing, praying, bible reading, home groups and open evenings).   Meeting point is PH Schlossbau S12 at 8 p.m. Further details can be found on www.smd-weingarten.de, contact: smdweingarten@googlemail.com