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Council of Indian Students (CIS)

Council of Indian Students

With the ever increasing number of Indian students at Hochschule Ravensburg Weingarten, the students from India decided to form a council with the simple motto “With the Students, For the Students, By the Students”. With its inception in 2016, the Council of Indian Students insists to work towards a homogenous and homely atmosphere for Indian students who wish to join the University for any of the variety of courses and also the students who live here.

CIS aims to promote a healthy and friendly milieu, not just between Indians, but between one and all.

CIS also intends to help celebrate the abundance of festivals that are celebrated in India so that the students do not miss their families. CIS also desires to encourage intercultural and inter-religious festivals and traditions. CIS plans to hold an annual Cricket Tounrament in the third week of May.

Contact: cisweingarten@gmail.com
or on Facebook: www.facebook.com/CISweingarten