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Degree students

General explanation

For the range of study programs offered at our university, please see the section Study in the main menue. The programs are taught in German, with the following exceptions:

Applicants for these programs have to prove sufficient knowledge of English. Applicants for Physical Engineering have to prove knowledge of German of minimum level A1. International applicants for all other programs have to prove sufficient knowledge of German, see below.

Non-EU applicants for German taught Bachelor Programs

Applicants from Non-EU countries for German taught Bachelor Programs have to get in contact with the Studienkolleg - Center for International Students in Constance. The main function of this institute is to examine foreign school leaving certificates in order to determine if they qualify for entering a University of Applied Sciences in Baden-Württemberg.

If this is the case (Anerkennung), the Studienkolleg transforms the final mark into the German grading scale (Umrechnung) and issues a certificate of qualification for admission, the so-called Zugangsberechtigung. This document has to be submitted together with the regular application documents to the university where the applicant wishes to study.

If the examination of the foreign school leaving certificate comes to result that the applicant is not prepared well enough yet for studying, the applicant is invited to pass an entrance test (Aufnahmetest) and, when the result is positive, to attend a two semester’s preparatory course (Studienkolleg) at the Studienkolleg leading to an assessment test (Feststellungsprüfung). The result of this test then decides on qualification for admission to a University of Applied Sciences in Baden-Württemberg. The Studienkolleg is free of charge.

The Studienkolleg includes German language courses, and the final Feststellungsprüfung includes the German test DSH. Foreign applicants, who do not have to take part in the Studienkolleg but do have to proof their German proficiency, can do the DSH German test at Studienkolleg, too.

At our university, 8% of the places available in each program are reserved for students from Non-EU countries.

Other applicants

Other applicants, i.e.

  • Applicants from EU countries for our German taught Bachelor programs
  • All international applicants for our Master programs
  • all international applicants for the international Bachelor program "Electrical Engineering and Information Technology"
apply directly at our university. Please, follow the instructions on the application websites of the individual study programs.

Applicants for Master programs have to submit certified copies of their first degree's certificate and mark sheet. If these documents are not issued in English, certified translations in English or German language have to be submitted in addition.

German language requirements

There are the same German language requirements for the German taught Bachelor and the Master programs: 

  • German language test DSH: The test result has to be at least DSH 2
  • German language test TestDaF: An average of at least TDN 4 has to be reached and none of the single marks should be below 3.
  • German language diploma of the Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs: second level
Other certificates of German language proficiency might be accepted as well. For this and other details see again the Studienkolleg website, please, and contact the Studienkolleg, if necessary.

English language requirements

The English language requirements are

  • for the international Bachelor program in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology: TOEFL internet-based: 60, IELTS: band 6.0
  • for the English taught Master programs in Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering: TOEFL internet-based: 70, IELTS: band 6.0
Other certificates of English language proficiency might be accepted as well.
Contact: Ms Lucia Mengis