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Registration for courses

Registration for all courses (mandatory courses, electives, seminars, laboratories, languages etc.) is compulsory and must be done via the university information system LSF. To enter, go to the university´s homepage. You will find the link to My Campus (LSF) under Quick links.

Log in by entering your username and password that were allocated to you by our computer centre. For detailed explanations about the various functions you can click on Help. If you do not log in, only a limited number of functions are available to you, however not those for course registration. The contents of the Help-function are also different.

Registering for a course and cancelling a registration is only possible within the scheduled period of time for course registration (Allocation period - Belegungszeitraum). You can find a detailed description on how to register for a course in the Help menu under "Personal timetable/Register". Once you have registered for a course, the teacher knows your name, registration number and e-mail address, which means that he/she can inform you by e-mail if a course has to be postponed or cancelled or if the venue has changed for example.

As soon as you have registered for a course, this course will appear in your personal timetable so that, even when you log out and log in again later, your registrations do not get lost. Since LSF is web-based, it can be accessed also from outside the university.

Please note that enrolment for a course has nothing to do with registration for the examinations. This takes place around mitdterm and is a different procedure.