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International Office
Akademisches Auslandsamt


The organisation STUBE is a complementary study program for, with and by students from Africa, Asia and Latin America. STUBE Baden-Württemberg was founded in 1983. The STUBE program offers:

  • Seminars/Workshops
  • Support of students' own activities
  • Support with search for internships/work placements
  • Contact with industry and businesses
  • Financial support for an internship or academic research activity in the home country (BPSA)
  • Preparation of return to home country
  • "Post-contact" through seminars and maintenance of a database for information exchange
Costs for accommodation and food as well as travel costs (2nd class, train, IC/ICE supplements excluded) within Baden-Württemberg are paid. Normally, you only have to pay a small participation fee of 12 Euro. The workshop leaflets are available at the International Office. In the first instance, the program is addressed to students from Africa, Asia and Latin America, but if there are vacant places, also students from other countries will be admitted.