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The accommodation is provided and organized by the student service organization “SEEZEIT”. Foreign Master Mechatronics students usually are accommodated in the students’ hostel “Lazarettstrasse”, “Weingartshof” or “Tettnangerstrasse”, located in or Weingarten or Ravensburg.

For more details on the hostels, please see the attached letter and the “SEEZEIT” webpage at

The most important details are:

All rooms are single rooms in a 4, 5 or 6 room flat. Each flat has one kitchen and two bathrooms. The rooms are fully furnished and have internet, telephone and TV access. There are common washing machines and dryers (2€ per use). Sheets and blankets can be borrowed (15€ per semester).

The room size varies from 9 to 14 square meters, and the rental fee is between 228€ and 332€ accordingly. Applicants may tell if they prefer a cheaper, smaller or a bigger but more expensive room and SEEZEIT will try to assign rooms according to these wishes. But rooms cannot be guaranteed and are limited in number. They will be allocated on a “first come – first served” basis.

At the beginning of their stay tenants have to make a single payment of 50€ as administration fee. They also have to leave 500€ as a deposit. However, this sum will be refunded at the end of the stay when the room is left in proper condition.

Every year SEEZEI reserves a certain number of rooms for Master Mechatronics students. Applicants having gone through the admission process successfully receive a special housing application form together with the admission letter. So please don’t apply until you got your admission letter.

If you have further questions, however, you can email to Mr. Christian Wild (christian.wild@seezeit.com),
(The person is currently in charge of hostels at “SEEZEIT”)

Link to the International Office

More Information you can find at the International Office