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Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary field, in which the disciplines mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technology interact. While the mechanical system dominates with regard to the overall functions, the integration of digital electronics and information processing creates completely new products and functionalities as well as synergetic effects in the engineering processes. The typical example of an advanced mechatronic system is a modern automobile, which contains a large network of electronic control units and embedded computer systems for a wide range of control and supervisory functions as well as improving human-machine interfaces and infotainment systems.

The progress in Mechatronics is currently stimulated by:

  • increasing demand for intelligent automation and control
  • increasing trend towards networked systems with communicating subsystems
  • Microsystems technology
  • intelligent sensors and actuators
  • modern microprocessors and -controllers
  • software engineering technologies
  • powerful computer-aided design tools

The potential of this future-oriented technology is documented by a rapidly increasing amount of industrial products as well as scientific conferences and journals. The worldwide and still increasing market of mechatronic systems and products comprises industries such as automotive, manufacturing, aerospace and space industry, robotics, microsystems etc. In addition, further sub-disciplines are currently emerging like opto-mechatronics or adaptronics.