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Financial Aspects



Starting winter semester 2017/18, universities in Baden-Württemberg will begin charging moderate tuition fees for non-EU international students. These fees are intended to keep our universities open to non-EU-residents and prepare them for further growth by maintaining the high quality standards Baden-Württemberg is well known for. In addition, the universities will offer increased advising opportunities for foreign students in order to ensure that their efforts will lead to a successful academic career in Germany. These fees amount to 1,500 euros per semester. Every semester the students have to pay approx.160€ for an administration fee (so-called "Semesterbeitrag" in German). It includes administration fees and contributions towards the students’ service organization as well as to the StudiTicket, which allows students to use regional public transport at reduced prices.


Please see the page of Accommodation.

Health Insurance

Under German law, every student is obliged to take out a health insurance contract in Germany. At present the monthly insurance premium is approx. 80€.

Living Costs

Accroding to your personal requirements, you should calculate around 250 – 350€ per month for food and other personal needs.


Usually foreign students are supported by their families. Others have their own savings or take up a loan. Sometimes it is also possible to receive a scholarship from the home university or home country – find that out in time! As to financial aid from the German side, there are some possibilities, too. However, you have to meet special requirements to be successful.

DAAD Scholarships

The German Academic Exchange Service DAAD (www.daad.de) offers scholarships to excellent foreign students in Germany, which you have to apply ahead by yourself!

The DAAD scholarship database (http://www.daad.de/deutschland/foerderung/stipendiendatenbank/00462.en.html) provides you with detailed information on the programs at disposition when you specify your subject (engineering sciences), home country and education (postgraduate). The most appropriate program is “Study Scholarships for Graduates of all disciplines”, but unfortunately, it is not offered for all countries.

Applications have to be submitted to the DAAD Branch offices/ DAAD Information Centers of your country or region.

Attention: Application deadlines vary and might be one year or more before the planned start of your studies in Germany. Please note also, that the DAAD will ask you for a letter of our university confirming that you fulfill the formal application requirements for the M.Sc. Mechatronics course. You therefore have to contact our student-service office (Ms. Lucia Mengis <mengis@hs-weingarten.de>) in time to request this letter. If the DAAD selects you for a scholarship, the scholarship award will be given under the condition that you will finally be admitted only by our university.

ALBAN Scholarships for students from Latin America

Applicants from Latin America are referred to the EU Programme ALBAN, which offers scholarships for postgraduate studies in the European Union.


Foreign students are allowed to work 90 full days or 180 half days per year beside their studies. However, the companys do not offer many jobs at present. Thus it is not realistic to base the financing of your stay in Germany on the prospect of part-time working.

Sometimes students can work as assistants (so-called “HiWi’s”) in one of the university’s research projects. However, there are not many offers. No information on this can be given before your study here.

Financial guaranty required by the German Embassy

When you apply for a student visa, the German Embassy will ask you to prove that you have sufficient means at your disposal for at least one year (currently approx. 8000€/year). Applicants who cannot submit this “waterproof” financial guaranty could not have the chance to receive a visa.

Link to the International Office

More Information you can find at the International Office